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Skills One Needs to Score on the GRE

Every examination tests some sort of skills of the test taker. The Graduate Record Exam too uses various sections and exercises to test some skills. The four skills that the exam primarily tests are:
  1. Endurance and ability to focus
  2. Basic knowledge of word usage, math and reasoning – both inductive and deductive.
  3. Test-taking skills: ability to guess the correct answer, work at an appropriate pace, and make decisions under pressure.
  4. Problem-solving abilities
These skills are required by everybody to succeed on the GRE and also in graduate school.

Endurance is tested in the student as the test is for over three hours. The candidate has to stare at the computer screen and answer the questions for a long period. This can become easy if you take a lot of practice tests and get used to sitting for long hours during the exams. The test will seem like both a physical and a mental challenge that could exhaust you on both levels. That can be tackled by preparing oneself for it. Taking as many practice exercises as possible helps to a great extent.

Basic Knowledge
This skill is tested in the sections of verbal and math. Candidates must be able to answer reading comprehension questions and basic math. The mathematics section has been made easier than the previous patterns as it comes with an on-screen calculator. Inductive and deductive reasoning are tested in the math as well as in the text completion exercises.

General Test Taking Skills
Throughout the test, the candidate is tested for these skills. Time management and proper guessing when one doesn’t know the answer are greatly desired in candidates.

Problem Solving
The problem solving is a intensive skill that cannot be learnt in a day. One has to practice everyday so one will be competent and skillful. When a question goes wrong, one must be able to identify the mistake and be careful not to make any more mistakes, especially similar ones.
What to Watch Out for!!
The GRE verbal section is a very tricky section of the exam. One needs logical and reasoning skills to score well. Deducing the correct answer from the given information, spotting relationships between words or sentences are other skills one must possess. One should not have presumption, but should plainly read passages and answer in a neutral fashion.
Along with rational skills, a good dose of vocabulary and a strong hold of the English language are necessary for success in the exam. Guessing doesn’t earn you high score, but rational guessing in some questions will.
Apart from vocabulary, candidates are also tested on their grammar and language skills. Good reading practice and sound grammar are desired, so make yourself ready for that by regular, quality reading. While reading, do not just skim the content, but try to understand the articles, try to draw conclusions and learn the new words that you come across.
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