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Registering for the GRE Exam

The GRE exam is administered by a company called Prometric. Unlike other standardized tests, this test doesn’t have fixed dates. They vary from day to day and from center to center. Some cities have only one center, so the exam has to be booked well in advance so the candidates get a date of their choice in a center of their choice. Hence, this test registration is more complicated than the other exams.The registration for the exam is a standard process. The instructions have to be read and re-read so one understands the process thoroughly.

GRE Sample Questions

Quantitative Section : Quantitative Ability
Directions:In this section you will be given two quantities, one in column A and one in column B. You are to determine a relationship between the two quantities and mark.
A: If the quantity in column A is greater than the quantity in column B.
B: If the quantity in column B is greater than the quantity in column A.
C: If the quantities are equal.
D: If the comparison cannot be determined from the information that is given.

10 Books for GRE Preparation

1. GRE Big Book
The Big book has actual questions from older GRE exams. So, this will be a guide to knowing what kind of questions have appeared in the test and will do so. This book is a must-have; it is not called the GRE-bible for nothing!
2. Cracking the GRE by Princeton Review
A popular book that is specifically designed for the CAT format. It provides extensive preparation with wordlists, exercises and test-taking strategies.
3. Kaplan’s GRE Exam Book
Step by step structure and guidance for preparation for the GRE exam is given in this book. The book comes with a CD that has real time tests that simulate the actual GRE exam.

The GRE Verbal Section

The verbal section in the GRE exam tests the candidates’ understanding of the reading a text and answering questions based on it. In addition to this, the reasoning ability of the candidate is also measured. Candidates are also required to form relations between given information. All the above mentioned qualities are desired in graduate students, hence the GRE is widely recognized as a pre-requisite for potential graduate students. The test requires skills like knowledge of English language, ability to differentiate and find similarities between the concepts as well as applying the given information into finding answers to the questions asked. One important task in the verbal section is the reading comprehension. There will around 3-4 passages that are of variable lengths, containing material from various subjects like science, art, social science, literature and humanities. These materials are picked from academic and non-academic books and journals. Students need to be well prepared in these as well as current affairs to score well in this task. Each passage is followed by 2-4 questions.

GRE Scoring and Percentiles of the Previous GRE test pattern

The quantitative and the verbal ability questions use the computer adaptive method of testing (CAT), with the help of multiple choice questions. This method automatically changes the difficulty of the question depending on whether the candidate is answering correctly or incorrectly. One cannot go back to change the answer once it is confirmed. The first question that appears on the test is an average level question, which half the candidates answer correctly. If this question is answered correctly, then the subsequent questions become difficult. If it is answered wrongly, then the questions become easy. Always remember that the difficult questions fetch you more marks and easier ones score lesser marks. After a spate of wrong answers, if one is answered correctly, then the next question becomes difficult and the level of difficulty thus changes. This approach of administering the exam yields scores that are of similar accuracy while using half the number of items. The GRE is of a fixed length, so it goes on till all the questions are answered. Some tests have a variable length and stop once the candidate’s ability level is zeroed on.

GRE Preparation Tips and GRE Strategy

Familiarize yourself with the GRE Strategy
The GRE is computer adaptive exam. So, make sure that you have enough practice on computers before the actual test. Most preparation books come with CDs that have preparation material as well as sample tests that give a similar experience as the GRE exam. The exam is adaptive in nature, so make sure you answer one questions correctly before moving to the next question. You should choose the question and confirm it before moving on to the next question. Also, you cannot revert back to the question once you have answered it and moved on to the next question. The first question in the exam will be an averagely difficult question. Depending on whether the applicant gets it right, the next series of questions will appear. Half the people who write the test get the first question right, while half do not.