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GRE Preparation Tips and GRE Strategy

Familiarize yourself with the GRE Strategy
The GRE is computer adaptive exam. So, make sure that you have enough practice on computers before the actual test. Most preparation books come with CDs that have preparation material as well as sample tests that give a similar experience as the GRE exam. The exam is adaptive in nature, so make sure you answer one questions correctly before moving to the next question. You should choose the question and confirm it before moving on to the next question. Also, you cannot revert back to the question once you have answered it and moved on to the next question. The first question in the exam will be an averagely difficult question. Depending on whether the applicant gets it right, the next series of questions will appear. Half the people who write the test get the first question right, while half do not.

As the series of questions depend on whether the first question is right or wrong, the computer evaluates and chooses. If the right option is selected by the candidate, then the next question is more difficult. If it is wrong, then the next question will be easier. Once you answer 7-10 questions, the computer chooses your difficulty level. If your difficulty level is high, then you have a greater chance of scoring more marks. If all your questions are easy, then your marks will be lower.
The first few questions in the exam are thus very important in the way your score is. Therefore, take time to solve the first 7-10 questions, even if you miss out on five questions at the end. A good performance in the initial questions will help you to score well in your exam and may be even an 800.
The Quantitative Section
The quantitative section in the exam is much easier than the verbal section. The section consists of 28 questions that need to be completed in 45 minutes. If one does this section well, one’s chance of getting a high score is greater. Here, the first 10 questions should be answered correctly and that will boost your score.
You will be provided a rough sheet for your calculation purpose. You can use these instead of doing mental calculations as it will save you some time and confusion. Pencils and erasers will also be provided, so you need not bring any writing materials to the center.
The Essay Section
The GRE essay is not only a test of your vocabulary. It should contain good words, correct grammar, a strong sentence structure and proper relevance to the subject. Their expectation will not be very high as your time to complete the task is only half an hour. Correct grammar and meaningful sentences will earn you more marks rather than just flaunting your vocabulary without any relevance to the topic. Moreover, essays are the first section in the exam, so be prepared to write it at the beginning itself.
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