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GRE Sample Questions

Quantitative Section : Quantitative Ability
Directions:In this section you will be given two quantities, one in column A and one in column B. You are to determine a relationship between the two quantities and mark.
A: If the quantity in column A is greater than the quantity in column B.
B: If the quantity in column B is greater than the quantity in column A.
C: If the quantities are equal.
D: If the comparison cannot be determined from the information that is given.

1. Quantity A : Quantity B:
Quantity A is greater.
Quantity B is greater.
The two quantities are equal.
The relationship cannot be determined from the information given.

RSTU is a parallelogram.
2. Column A
.25% of .25
Column B

A: Column A’s quantity is greater.
B: Column B’s quantity is greater.
C: The quantities are the same.
D: The relationship cannot be determined from the information given.
3. Tom, Dick and Harry went for lunch to a restaurant. Tom had $100 with him, Dick had $60 and Harry had $409. They got a bill for $104 and decided to give a tip of $16. They further decided to share the total expenses in the ratio of the amounts of money each carried. The amount of money which Tom paid more than what Harry paid is
A: 120
B: 200
C: 60
D: 24
E: 36
Ans: E
4. Arnold has enough gas to last him for thirty days. If he starts using 50% more gas, how many days will the same supply last him?
A: 10
B: 12
C: 15
D: 20
E: 25
5. If 2x > 24 and 3x < 48, which of the following is a possible value for x?
A: 12
B: 14
C: 16
D: 18
E: 20
6. Dan drives to Cheryl's house at an average speed of 40 mph. If he can drive 2/3 of the way there in an hour, how far away is Cheryl's house?
A: 60 miles
B: 20 miles
C: 80 miles
D: 50 miles
E: 55 miles
7. |-5| + |3| - |-5| =
A: -2
B: -13
C: 8
D: 3
E: 2
8. If a cube has a volume of 343 cubic inches, what is the length of one side?
A: 7 square inches
B: 30 square inches
C: 7 inches
D: 49 inches
E: 49 square inches
Looking at the figure above, if triangle ABC is an equilateral triangle and line BC is parallel to line DE, what is the measure of angle 5?

A: 60 degrees
B: 90 degrees
C: 120 degrees
D: 180 degrees
E: Not enough information is given to answer this question
10. If the radius of a circle is increased by 20% then the area is increased by :
A: 44%
B: 120%
C: 144%
D: 40%
E: None of the above
Ans : A
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