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More about the GRE Essays

Common GRE Issue Themes
The GRE Issue essay is the first task in the writing section, which is also the first section in the exam. One must be prepared to write the essays at the beginning of the exam itself. The topics that come in the exam cover a broad range of general intellectual interest. The Some themes of the GRE issue samples are,

  1. Individual initiative vs. conformity and teamworkthe qualities of an effective leader
  2. The comparative value of formal education vs. practical experience
  3. Personal privacy issues in the new information age
  4. The social duties of government vs. private enterprises and citizens
  5. The importance of innovation vs. tradition and convention
  6. Weighing public interest against self-interest
  7. The role of humanities vs. the role of science and technology
The above topics are only a few from a list of varied ones. Remember that there could be several themes from which a question may appear on your exam.
The Six Different Issue Directives
The Issue Essay could be asked in one of the six following ways. The ways will depend on the nature of the issue statement. Sometimes the statement will be a claim, sometimes an assertion, a recommendation or a choice. The wordings can be framed differently but the types are given as in the official GRE website.
1. Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement, and explain your reasoning.
2. Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim.
3. Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim and with the reasons on which the claim is based.
4. Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the recommendation, and explain your reasoning.
5. Discuss which view on the issue more closely aligns with your position, and explain your reasoning.
6. Discuss your views on the policy, and explain your reasoning.
THE GRE Argument Essay

One needs to be prepared properly to write the GRE argument essay well. Firstly, the candidate should understand the question correctly. The tone of the author and the line of thought must be identified. The way in which the essay would sound and flow along should be quickly and briefly analyzed.

To analyze the argument critically, one should approach it from the easiest and most obvious way possible. First, one should identify the assumptions on which the argument is based and try to list down points to contradict them. Try using different situations to see if the argument is just as good in all the situations. Try attacking the argument from as many directions as possible.
You can find many sample essays on argument type topics on the internet. Read these to see how they are structured and analyzed. There will be essays that are explained – try these to gain more expertise in this section, so you can score well on the argument task.

Both the essays require the use of good grammar, strong vocabulary and proper sentence structure. This can be achieved by making reading a regular habit. Using new words in the essay also earns you more brownie points.

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