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The New GRE Pattern (August 2011 Onwards)

There have been some changes introduced in the GRE test to make it more student-friendly and easier. The changes are made to also to make the GRE attractive to business schools. The new pattern has been in effect since 1st August 2011. Though the test has become slightly easier, it has also become smarter. Students are tested for reasoning and logic than facts and calculations in the new pattern. 

Below are 10 important changes in the GRE:

1. Improved Design: In the old GRE, once a question is answered, it cannot be changed. But this is possible in the new pattern. The candidate can go back to a question to modify an answer in any part of the test. This makes the test easier and it appears more natural than the old pattern. The test taking experience will also be made more pleasant.
2. Improved Quality of Data: The quality of the data presented in the new pattern will be better. The skills of potential graduate and management students are tested in the exam.
3. Changes in Verbal section: The verbal section has the maximum number of changes. No more antonyms and analogies in the format. Instead questions of text completion and sentence equivalence will be asked.
4. Quantitative reasoning section: The presence of the on-screen calculator is a welcome change. Reasoning, rather than arithmetic calculations is given more preference.
5. Analytical writing: There have been no changes in the analytical section.
6. New scoring method: The scores used to be from 200-800 with 10 point increments, but now they have been changed to vary from 130-170 with 1 point increments. The scoring of the analytical reasoning has remained the same. Vocabulary and reasoning are given the most important in this section.
7. First new GRE 2011 test score and test: The score for the test taken between August and October will be available in the month of November. The applicants who want their score before November can take the present test before August 2011. The score of reporting will go back to normal time frame of 10 to 15 days after late November.
8. Paper based testing: These changes are implemented only in the computer adaptive test for now, but will be made in the paper based test starting from November 2011. So, those candidates who want to write the older pattern of the GRE should take the paper based test before November 2011.
9. Split test going away: A split test pattern was used in Asian countries like China, Hong Kong etc. This pattern is now being removed and the new format will be introduced in these countries too. This change is to ensure faster score reporting.
10. GRE test prep material: The sample papers for the new pattern have been available in the ETS websites since one year. One can take the diagnostic test to make oneself familiar with the new pattern and download the material from the powerprep website.
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