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Changes to the Quantitative Reasoning Section in the New GRE

The New GRE introduced from August 1st, 2011 has some changes made in both the verbal and the quants sections. The new GRE is similar to the old one, but has some changes. These changes are additional things that are not present in the old GRE.
I Question type: numeric entry
Numeric entry problems are completely different from what we see in the old pattern. In this type, one has to enter the answer instead of selecting it from the choice of answers. After the question, a small box will be provided to type the answer. This doesn’t change the content, only the way of answering has differed.
II Question type: multiple answer

This means, some questions may have multiple answers that are correct. For answering the questions in this section correctly, one has to select all the correct answers from the choices. Some questions will give you a hint of how many correct answers you have to select, but some will not have the option. Here again, no change in content, but only the pattern.
III Greater emphasis on data analysis and real-world scenarios

The GRE has been modified to make it look more attractive to business schools. This change has been brought about by modifying the type of questions and the pattern basically. The focus has shifted from general mathematics to applications of the subject.
This has been done by putting more concentration into data analysis. Questions of this category will require candidates to analyze data that is presented in the form of charts and graphs. Basic statistics is also tested in the form of mean, median, mode, standard deviation, etc.
Real-world scenarios are tested in the exam. This means the questions will have a real world context than being just math problems. Those who take the new GRE can expect to see fewer problems like
3x + 3x + 3x = 27
Instead of problems that have straight solutions, one will encounter more problems that need solutions to the problems. These will be given in a paragraph, as word problems. This change is made to make the GRE test the skills of both potential graduate students as well as management school students.
How do the Changes Affect the Candidates

The changes in the test do not affect the candidates generally as the new pattern might be slightly easier for some people, especially the math section. The questions will be more approachable and easier than the previous pattern. The presence of the on-screen calculator will help make calculations easier and reduce mistakes. Still, one has to take a lot of sample tests before appearing for the actual exam.
Skills Tested by the Math Section
  • Ability to understand quantitative information
  • Ability interpret and analyze quantitative information
  • Ability to solve problems using mathematical models
  • Ability to apply basic mathematical skills and elementary mathematical concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, probability and statistics to solve real world problems.
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