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10 Books for GRE Preparation

1. GRE Big Book
The Big book has actual questions from older GRE exams. So, this will be a guide to knowing what kind of questions have appeared in the test and will do so. This book is a must-have; it is not called the GRE-bible for nothing!
2. Cracking the GRE by Princeton Review
A popular book that is specifically designed for the CAT format. It provides extensive preparation with wordlists, exercises and test-taking strategies.
3. Kaplan’s GRE Exam Book
Step by step structure and guidance for preparation for the GRE exam is given in this book. The book comes with a CD that has real time tests that simulate the actual GRE exam.

4. Taking the GRE Assessment by Tim Avants
The essays play an important role in the exam, so do not try to avoid essay writing preparation. The book is helpful not only by providing sample essays but also teaching you techniques, grammar and punctuation.
5. GRE Vocabulary Flashcards
The boo features 750- most frequent words on the GRE exam. Using this will help you score better on the verbal section. Flash cards are the easiest way to learn words and this book with concise writing and clear format will make your job even easier.
6. The GRE Test for Dummies by Suzee Vlk
It is not literally for dummies but for those who think they will do really poorly on the exams and want to prepare from scratch.
7. Passkey to the GRE Test by Sharon Weiner Green
The Passkey is a shorter version of the Barron’s GRE book. It consists of three full tests, practice exercises that cover all topics of the exam and reviews of sections. In short, this book is for those who have a last minute preparation strategy and cannot afford to spend too much time on the Barron’s book, but need a quick brush up of the preparation.
8. Kaplan’s GRE Verbal Workbook
This book is for those who want to learn the verbal section in depth. It is a must for students who have high verbal scores as their targets. It improves one’s test taking ability and with all the exercises and sample tests, it boosts confidence too.
9. Verbal Workout for the GRE by Princeton Review
This book assures one that there is enough practice papers in it to make the test taker to think like the examiner. It is a key to solving analogies, conceptual type questions and sentence completion efficiently and is a strategic time management book, especially for the reading comprehension section.
10. GRE CAT Answers to the Real Essay Questions by Arco
This book is not only perfect for preparation for the essay writing task on the GRE exam, but can be used as a general book on essay writing for any exam or just a self help book. Both the sample and the argumentative essays are not too good, but not bad either. It serves as a good exercise book for those unfamiliar with the GRE essays pattern.
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